Classic Army G36k

Pros: Great range, ridiculous accuracy, cool scope, mad comfortable
Cons: Guzzles battery

Oh my dear god this gun dominates. I live in Pennsylvania and play Pocono region fields. This bad boy has dominated in woods, grass, marsh, and even held it's own in urban environments.(find a nice ass spot and stay there) The rate of fire on full battery is amazing for a "long" rifle like this. The gun looks long, but in reality fits into your shoulder and forearm like a dream. Fold the stock in and it is about the length of a UTG Mp5, but with the stock out is longer than an ICS M4. Great for providing cover and team work, but also successful if your a lone wolf. A bit of advice for this gun, don't fire continuously. It starts to mis-fire around shot 15, but laying out smaller strains of automatic in short succession will keep down the heads of a larger group. In terms of presence on the battlefield, this gun is a giant. I'm not saying it's loud, in fact the quite, muffled sound of the gun makes it dangerous, but it simply is scary. It has a unique sound to it, and can cause a sniper to crap themselves. (true story actually) The rate of fire significantly decreases as the battery is drained, so watch out for that. Also, you can only get about 6 clips from a fully charged battery, not much if you play scenario, and putting in a new battery is a royal pain in the ass. I'm currently looking at putting on a flow through stock for the gun. In conclusion, this is a deadly gun, and as long as a sidearm is close, a powerhouse on the field.

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