Barrel Stats

barrel length on a G36C is 247 mm in length or 9.724 in

Front Barrel Threads

It should be a 14mm CC(counter clockwise)

Actually that sounds like a good idea, that should work fine, the G36 barrel thread is exactly the same as that on the M4 or similar. Well spotted Kerbdog!

Upgrades from 3rd parties

Serious Relibility upgrade

Power: 340 FPS
Actual: Unknown
Range: 150 FT
Accessories: Magazine, mini 8.4v 1100 mAh ni-mh Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod
Compatible: Yes
Gearbox: v3
Price: $130

The first G36C clone, the Jing-Gong G36 is a well-built gun that performs great and meets all the aspects of a good low-cost AEG.

Made of almost entirely strong ABS plastic, the G36C body has no flex and feels quite similar to the Marui. Metal parts are scarce, as they are on all G36 clones, and include the sights, sling mounts, trigger, selector switch, hop-up cover, and flashider. The stock is very solid, and its 470 round hi-cap magazine feeds flawlessly. The overall quality of the externals is great considering the price, although Marui is still ahead with its trademarked receiver.

Like newer JG guns, G36 shoots very hard (over 350 FPS in some cases) and has great range because of its good hop-up unit and power. The gun uses a v3 gearbox with nylon bushings and a plastic spring guide (NOTE: This may not be true anymore), making the gun's stock durability questionable shooting at such high velocities. These parts should probably be replaced with upgraded parts if the gun is to shoot reliably in its stock form.

The gun does use CA gears and a very good motor, common with all newer Goldenbow guns. The stock battery is actually quite good and in combination with the motor and decent shimming gives the gun an impressive rate of fire for an ACM. Accuracy is quite good due to the brass barrel and hop-up rubber that works fairly well, giving the gun about the effective range of a normal Marui G36C. Replacing the hop-up rubber, however, would give the gun even greater accuracy and range, and is a worthwhile investment for this gun.

A very well constructed clone, the JG G36C is a good choice for anyone who wants a Marui-quality G36 at a reasonable price. Great for both newbies and tinkerers alike.

Suggested Upgrades:
-Reinforced internals/softer spring
-New hop-up rubber


Stock JG G36c mechbox (yes stock)
DB 6.01 tightbore (moly polished)
I did seal the hop up a bit more with teflon when installed and super cleaned the hop up of any grease
result, with .25's I still had to turn my hop up all the way off.
running the gandolf/extreme-fire comp fet in it with a 11.1/1500/15c li-po
just shy of 400 (390) with .2 ksc's


JG G36C: DF 6.02mm TBB; Guarder SP120; 7.4V LiPo


Subject: Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore??? Sat May 10, 2008 8:47 pm
Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore barrel? My fields require AEG's to shoot under 400fps, would adding this tigtbore make the g3 shoot over the limit? Where can I find a good and cheap tight bore for the G3sg1?
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Lance Corporal E-3
Lance Corporal E-3

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PostSubject: Re: Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore??? Sat May 10, 2008 8:55 pm
I dont think the tight bore would make it shoot over the limit. I havent heard anything about the accuracy, but you should be fine without it. Wouldnt hurt to add it though.
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PostSubject: Re: Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore??? Sat May 10, 2008 9:17 pm
Accuracy is better than any other ACM gun I've tested.

With that said, it can always be improved upon, and a tightbore barrel would certainly help.

Unfortunately "good" and "cheap" don't really belong in the same sentence, especially when talking about barrels, but some good inexpensive options are:
Madbull V2's

Or if you want best performance but at a higher price:
DB Customs
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sgt. Hartwig
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Lt. Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore??? Sat May 10, 2008 9:26 pm
Id say that JBU's tightbores are relatively cheap. Evike has them for $30.
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Staff Sergeant E-6

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PostSubject: Re: Does the Echo1/Jg G3sg1 need a tightbore??? Sat May 10, 2008 9:58 pm
I put a madbull 6.03 mm tight bore in my E1 M773 and it did not effect the fps all that much, but it did improve the accuracy a good deal, so i wouldnt worry too much about the tight bore barrel pushing you over the limit.

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