Jg G36c

Airsoft GI

Their review section consistently says this is a GREAT gun.


Pros & Cons:
Affordable (135 shipped from ASGI)
Nice Battery (8.4 1100mah NI-MH
Hits the 330-370 mark fps wise
It looks so dang sexy
JG/Echo 1 version foldable stock is useful for CQB

Stock is a little stiff
Some small seam lines
Heavy(some find that a pro)

G36 variants are:
G36E- Export model with no RDS on top of the standard scope/carry handle.
G36- Normal version. Has the dual sight system with both an RDS and a magnifying scope.
G36K- Kurz, or shortened G36.
G36KE- Shortened G36E.
G36KV- Rare variant with a different scope rail, Norwegian (I think).
MG36- LMG equipped with a drum magazine.
G36C- Compact or commando
SL8- Civilian sniper rifle
SL9SD- 7.62x37 (Yes that’s 37, not 39) Caliber version of the SL8 also features a surpressor.

I’ve held many different guns and even owned a few high end guns (ICS Ak74 and a TM Beta Spets), from what I have seen so far this is the best gun I have ever owned. It is truly worth every penny. If you’re a G36 fan you have got to order one of these, you’ll feel the same way I feel.

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