Jg Steyr Aug

Airsoft - JG Steyr AUG

Airsoft - JG Steyr AUG

Airsoft - JG Steyr AUG

Ver 3 gearbox which is greater than the ver 2’s. One of the best solid AEGs in the market. This AEG was made solid by China in the past years thats why it is a favorite.

Military version of Steyr Aug box comes with its 300rnd hi-cap magz, 8.4v NIMh mini battery and charger.

Rock Solid!

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This is an exact copy of the Tokyo Marui Steyr AUG. In our opionion, up to this point, this is the highest quality airsoft AEG / MPEG to come out of China. JG continues to put out the highest quality products, setting it far ahead of many of the other manufactures in China. Keep an eye out for this model along with others by JG.

What is JG or GB or Echo1?
JG stands for Jing Gong, which is actually Chinese for Golden Bow; hence GB. Also, Echo 1 is the same as GB or JG, they are OEM Jing Gong airsoft AEG guns. All these different names for the same airsoft manufacturer is confusing. Hopefully, this has helped clairfy the confusion.

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