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Marui (Japan) NEW PRO SIGHT Red Dot Aim Device

ACTION 1 x 30mm QD Red Dot Sight

— 7 Level Brightness Control CROSS Reticle —
No real info

Guarder Style Red Dot Scope

Good reviews on airsoft GI site.


Leapers 40mm Red/Green Dot Scope
Good reviews on Airsoft GI site


Hakko MKII Bed-24 Panorama Multi Reticle
Product ID: HAKMR02
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Product Description:

The Hakko BED-24 Panorama Electro-Dot sight is a tubless design witha a 33mm reflex lens aperture for an awesome field of view, and unlimited eye-relief. And, the MKII features the MR02 variable reticle. Suited well for both-eyes-open acquistion and firing, the Bed 24 lends itself to ultra fast target acquisition. This lightweight sight is waterproof and shockproof, and has an integrated Weaver style mount. The low power consumption means your batteries will last longer, and the coin slot windage and elevation adjustments make setup quick and easy. The multi pattern reticle, available only from Hakko, can be changed quickly and easily by turning the reticle knob, while the point of impact never changes. The different patterns can be selected to meet various shooting situations. One model with this unique reticle provides the flexibility of 4 typical dot sights. Uses #2032 flat battery with a run time of approximately 20 hours.
Maruzen Walther Point Sight (open)

Stylish open sight for pistols. More information needed. $35

Bushnell Holosight XLP

Review 3 for Bushnell® HOLOsight® XLP
Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 2 out of 5
Disappointed, December 27, 2006
By Rangemaster

"I purchased a Bushnell Holosight XLP after using a standard Holosight, expecting the same product in a smaller package. After installing the batteries and turning the unit on I discovered that it did not compare to the other Holosights I had used. I mounted it on a Browning .22 Buckmark target pistol and then attempted to get on target a few times. The laser hologram is very hard to find in the smaller window and the quality of the hologram is fuzzy. I had a freind who owns multiple Holosights try it and he agreed that it did not compare to the standard Holosights as well. I returned the XLP."
Samurai Aimpoint Replica

Pros and Cons

The pros are just about everything. The build quality far exceeded my expectations, and it just looks great sitting there on top of my baby. It’s sturdy, goes on and off in a snap, thanks to the pseudo quick release ring, and is, by far, the best deal in Aimpoint replicas.

The only con I can think of is that the red dot is a little hard to see when I use my goggles with the red lense.

What more could a guy on a budget ask for? This scope has it all – great looks, great functionality and a great price! This is the only Aimpoint I came across that had the ring included, and it was cheaper than every other Aimpoint I saw without the ring. I have to say that this scope is great for anyone, not just someone on a budget. If you are in the market for a quality Aimpoint replica, this is for you.
G&P Aimpoint Replica

· Great looking on almost every airsoft rifle
· 5 levels of brightness
· Quick Detachable Mount with Thumbscrew
· Matte black finish
· Durable flip-up lens covers
· Non foggy lenses, virtually scratch-proof
· Aggressive price of $75
· Excellent Build Quality

· Lens springs are somewhat weak, possibly can pop out
· Not much else, except that all your friends will want one now too
Needs to be recalibrated often

To conclude, the G&P Aimpoint Replica is an excellent red dot sight for the price of $75 at Hong Kong Retailers. The build quality and packaging are amazing, this replica will definitely last you throughout your skirmishes. Again, unlike other cheap Airsoft replicas, the G&P Aimpoint was definitely made with durability and long lasting strength in mind.
Hammer 2x42 Red Dot


* It's 2x!
* Retains all of your basic red dot qualities
* Unlimited Eye Relief
* A red dot to mark your targets
* Seven settings
* Elevation + windage adjustments
* Much better aiming capabilities compared to ironsights
* Can still use iron sights effectively if necessary
* Looks like a zoom scope and a red dot hybrid
* 2x lens is blessedly clear for that blessedly clear shot


* Coin adjusted
* You have to clean 2 lenses now
* May not give you THAT much of an advantage, depending on where you play
* A wee bit expensive (50 dollars), but compared to Aimpoint replicas, it's q

Review: Hurricane Holosight

AMAZING GOOD!! $170 for a true Holo sight. Very rugged. Inferior to real Holo technology (EOtech/Bushnell)
BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope

I got the BSA at my local Walmart for $30. For the price it is pretty decent. I tried it and it seemed to work fairly well. It was easy to sight in and mounted to the weaver rails well. In low light conditions, the unit functioned well and the 30mm optic made it pretty easy to pick up when you could see the dot.

Then I used it during the day. Once you were in bright sunlight, the dot was washed out. You had to really look hard and be looking at a dark background to pick it up. Once you did, you had to focus on the dot to keep it in your vision when trying to put it on target. It was horrble. Even with a new battery it was no better. If you sighted at a wooden bunker you lost it completly.

I picked up a Laseraim Illusion the other day. These are discontinued but you can find used ones on the net. When I compared it to the BSA, the Illusion was by far the superior optic. Smaller in diameter than the BSA (it mounts using standard 1" weaver scope rings) the Illusion has far brighter dot. In bright sunlight I compared the two and with both units turned up all the way (11 adjustments on the BSA and 7 on the Illusion), the BSA washed out against a mint green wall…the Illusion was very easy to pick up…almost the same brightness as a laser at dusk. With the Illusion set at 2 it was just a bit brighter than the BSA set at 11. Best of all, you can find these sights for $70 on the web. Well worth the extra $40.

Conclusion: Even though the BSA looks good and is very cheap, you are getting what you pay for. If you really plan on using a red dot, don't spend your money on the BSA. Go to your local gun shop and look at what they have to offer. Chances are while you may pay more, you'll get a sight that works in all lighting conditions. If you have to have a red dot though and all you have around you is a WalMart (or only play in the woods where the light is not so bright because of the canopy) then the BSA may work for you. The only reason I gave this sight anything other than a 1 is because of price, optic size, and the fact that in low light conditions, it will work.
Adco Vision 2000 Red Dot Sight

Crappy, cheap design
Adco Sure Shot Red Dot Sight

Strengths: Very accurate, was shooting screw heads from about 20 feet away
Weaknesses: takes time to dial in, but once it is adjusted its very accurate
Review: I think this is a great sight, price means nothing, I think this would be a good sight for double the price. Contrary to what others post, their are two intensities for the red dot, and on the highest intensity it can easily be seen outside on a very sunny day
Conclusion: If you are looking for a sight get this one, can not go wrong for the price, plus its extremely accurate and it mounts easily and comes with a warranty
10 out of 10
Adco Red Shot Hot Shot Sight


Affordable Price- At my local paintball store I found this sight for under $30 and they even installed it for me in under 2 minutes. I've seen it on plenty of websites for even less sometimes.

The Switch- On the right side of your site you will notice you have the on and off switch. There are actually 3 options to put it on. Off (all the way to the back), medium brightness (the middle option for low light situations), or high brightness of the dot (all the way in front). It gives you a variety of options so you wont always waste you battery with it on high.

Paintball Warranty- This is the thing that puts Hot Shot (and Sure Shot) higher then any other paintball scopes. If your scope gets damaged in any way you can send it via post office along with $8 to cover shipping and the warranty slip enclosed in the package back to the factory and they'll send you another one.

Durabilty- Although this sight comes with a paintballl-proof warranty, I dought your going to need it. My sight has been shot several times. Every time it has it has still worked perfectly.


Getting Dirty- Since this is an open tubed sight dirt gets in it easily and often. Especially for snipers like me who are always crawling around on the ground.

Glare- Again since this is an open tubed sight it can catch a glare (more then Sure Shot). Once the sun gets in the right spot thats it for you unfortunately.

Sun- When your playing in high light situations since this is an open tubed sight (again) the sun will rush in from all angles making the dot seem way duller to the point you may not even be able to see it at all. With the Sure Shot that will never happen.
Adco E-Dot

Strengths: -Large Field of View
-Different brightness settings
-Closed frame
Weaknesses: -Large field of view
-Big and bulky
-Not frequently used
Review: Alright, Lets pretend you are laying down in some bushes next to a dirt pathway, and you see 5 enemies come waltzing down the path. You have 2 choices, you could run, or you could fight.
You choose the latter.
This is where a Red Dot sight comes in handy, it helps you pick a target and then eliminate them in the least number of shots. A Red Dot Scope, combined with a Flatline or Sniper Barrel, creates a deadly duo.
The Red Dot scope is not for everyone, I know some people who say that the red dot saves their lives (Me included), those guys are mostly Snipers or Wingmen for their team…in other words, someone who really needs to make their shots count. I've also seen people who say it's just a waste of money…which is true if you are a front-liner or point person.

Ultimately the Red Dot is a good addition for anyone who will DEFINITELY have time to use one, otherwise, save your money for all of the paint you'll be waisting without this system.
I know the E-Dot is very expensive (around $120 a pop) but if you go to your local store (Meijer or Wal-mart) and you can buy a Tasco Red Dot scope made specifically for rifles, it'll run you about $35, so you can save your money for paint….it's not like you'll need it.
Conclusion: This is an excellent decision for any gun, it helps add a lot of accuracy while hiding your location. I definitely recommend this if you like playing woods ball or Scenario games, this is definitely not for Speedballers or Front-liners in Scenario games, because it will not be used and will be a waste of money.

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