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C-more vs Bushnell Holosight

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Offset sights

"In Yo Face Off Set Gun Sight" has a plate that can offset a sight.


All red-dot sights have parallax. Aimpoint has a mechanism for reducing it. Other may also do so with varying
degrees of success.

Truglo has good charts on this.

Tasco sights have parallax set at 50yards.

S.P.O.T. scopes are an Aimpoint clone that "CLAIM" non parallax

Best Sights

I've had the Trophy, along with Tasco and BSA, and all didnt hold up to well. My Trophy had the multi reticules, which did not hold zero between them when switched, for some reason. Battery life on all of them was pretty short too.

I know that the better ones seem more expensive, but in the long run, they are well worth the extra money. Personally, I prefer Aimpoints and have replaced all the others with them. Just for battery life alone, (1 -5 years of 24/7 on depending on model) its worth it, but the difference is obvious once you've used them.

My suggestion is bite the bullet and buy, or save up for the better one and be done with it. It comes off just as easily as it goes on and will still work for years down the road on anything else you might want to use it on. If I had done it right off, I would have one or two more at this point for the money I spent on the others.

I had an Ultradot. Great optic, but if I could have done it all over again, I would have, without a doubt, saved more money and got an Aimpoint or and Aimpoint knock off.
Zombie Defense Squad

Aimpoint, C-More, OKO, or Gilmore.

I would look to pick up an OKO or a C-more. Think Holosight refined to where it should be. Thin, light, heads-up type lense, reliable, extremely good battery life, tough, and good companies to work with.

Aimpoint and Gilmore are also first rate, but I prefer the HUD type sights to the tube type both for field of view and ease of use. HUD types are also typically a lot lighter.

Some say ultradot is the best with low parallax. Ultradot comes with polarizing filter!!

Bushnell Trophy Multi-Reticle Red Green Dot Scope is a top pick atm.
$120 at Cabellas, has multiple reticles, multicoating, red/green, and a polarizing
filter. Parallax-free they claim. Only 28mm.

Bushnell Trophy MP Sight. 32mm, red/green, T sight, multicoating, Amber-Bright high contrast lens coating. $150 at
More on Bushnell

EOtech 511 is available at $360

Adco has a 47mm EDOT sight with low parallax THEY CLAIM. I'm wondering if they're a junk company.

Burris, Tasco, Busnell are multi-coated.

Open sights are generally bad in sunlight.

Tasco ProPoint & UltraDot seem the two main contenders.


  1. EOtech, Tjjion, Aimpoint
  2. C-more, Doctor Optics, Ultradot, Gilmore, OKO
  3. Bushnell, Burris, SPOT, Hakko(Tacpoint), Tasco, truglo
  4. G&P Aimpoint replica, , , Walther, Leapers, ?,
  5. BSA, NCStar?

Note, G&P is the same as Walther

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