Tauaki Mauri Sig 552


  • Looks. This gun is sexy. The fit and finish are just outstanding and I think it's the best looking of the current line is AEGs.
  • Functionality. While this is a smaller AEG, it's long enough to make a decent medium range gun. Those who own the G36 can understand. It's great for CQB and it's great for the field.
  • Upgradeability. Having the Version 3 mech box means this gun can take almost anything you can throw in it. I've already installed an M120 spring and will be adding gears and a piston soon. Just knowing that the mech box is strong gives me a feeling of peace about tinkering.


  • While this gun is small, it is still long enough to have a comfortable foregrip, but I'm tall (6'2") and my arms are long. I've found that the vertical foregrip makes handling and aiming much easier and more comfortable.
  • Power. Stock power was a little less than I expected and really showed itself when I used my .25g BBs. Yes, I had decent range and accuracy, but the BBs were so slow. With my M120 spring, I am very pleased with power.
  • Battery space. The battery compartment will hold an 8.4v mini and nothing larger. I am hoping for a new foregrip that will hold something bigger.
  • Aftermarket Parts. This is a new gun, and not as popular as an M16 or an MP5, so metal bodies, stocks, grips and other cosmetic accessories are not available. I'm sure some will surface, but for now, I'll just have to be happy with my Samurai, a vertival foregrip and a PEQ2.


I am more pleased with this gun than any other I have owned. The gun meets the need of CQB and meduim range engagements. Although cosmetic accessories aren't widely available, an Aimpoint replica really helps in looks and function. While stock performance is in the low average for power, accuracy is great and, with upgrades, this becomes a VERY capable gun.

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