Tokyo Mauri Steyr Aug Civilian

Steyr AUG Civilian

IPB Image


Hop-Up: Adjustable
Weight: 3,400 g
Length: 805 mm
Capacity: 80 rounds
Power: 285 fps
Motor: EG700
Battery Size: 8.4V 600MaH Mini (Not Included)
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto
Version III Mechbox

Bought From: Power Edge

Cost as Bought: $229.00

Purchased With Gun: 1 Hi-Cap, 1 Mini Battery, 1 Mini-Batt Charger

Purchased Since Then: 3 Point Sling, Red Dot Scope

First Impression IPB Image (4/5)

The very first thing I noticed about the box was there was no graphics/text of any kind, at first this was puzzling since every other TM AEG I had ordered had a box that was full of color and text. After opening the box I soon discovered that the box had been turned inside out to reduce the risk of the package being stopped during delivery. Poweredge had also scratched off the "Steyr" part of the title, obviously because of trademark restrictions. The moment I picked up the gun I discovered the true weight, the gun weighs about 7 pounds in stock form. Some people make out that the gun is too heavy, but realistically, it is fine. I'm 16, 140 pounds, 5,10 and have no problem carrying it around. For those that feel it is too heavy I would recommend investing in a sling. The gun doesn’t really have that many metal parts but it still feels extremely sturdy. Since the battery wasn't charged this was about all I could do for the first few hours.

IPB Image
The Box once it had been turned the correct way, Notice the scratched out "Steyr"

The Safety IPB Image (3/5)

The Safety is one of the most important parts on an airsoft gun; the safety on the Aug is a simple push through button. To arm the rifle you push the button through with your thumb (right handed) from the left side, to disarm you do the opposite. The safety seems very strong and cannot be broken by a squeeze of the trigger. My only dislike is that the red and white dot are both very small, this sometimes makes the gun hard to tell whether it is armed or disarmed.

IPB Image
The safety, in the armed position

The Fire Selector Switch IPB Image (5/5)

…or the lack of it. Probably the most famous feature on the AUG is the fact that there is no fire selection switch. To fire semi auto you just squeeze the trigger down lightly, to fire fully automatic you pull the trigger all the way. This feature is one of the prime reasons why I purchased this gun. The main advantage in this is when you are trying to hit an enemy from a large distance, if the enemy tries to rush you can quickly switch to full and take them down. This feature is also extremely useful for cover fire.

The Trigger Guard IPB Image (5/5)

I rated the trigger guard 5 out of 5 because I personally adore it, however it is a matter of opinion. Unlike most guns the trigger guard covers your whole hand rather than just your trigger finger. This is exceptionally useful when using gloves or people that just want that extra bit of freedom.

The Magazine and loading process IPB Image (3/5)

The standard magazine holds 80 rounds, a perfect size magazine in my mind. Like the real steel version the magazine is semi-transparent. Like the majority of TM guns out there you use the loading rod (supplied) to load the mag. The magazine is easy to fit in the well at the start of the game. The problem comes when you try to load the magazine during combat, because of the bull-up design it is a little awkward. However, with time and practice it becomes as easy as any other gun. I found the easiest way to change mags is by (for right handers):

1. Taking your left hand of the front handle and hitting the mag release to drop the old mag.
2. Reaching for a new mag and placing it in the well.
3. Finally picking up the old mag.

The hardest part is doing everything with your left hand while still holding a heavy gun with just 1 hand. Overall the high capacity of the mag allows for an edge on most of the other players on the field. This extra edge is taken away again by slightly harder reloading technique.

IPB Image
The standard mag and the loading well.

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post Jun 22 2005, 05:30 PM
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AEG Sharpshooter

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The Battery IPB Image (2/5)

The battery compartment is located in the stock of the gun, the disappointing thing is that the battery is a mini size, where with such a big gun you would hope to have a large size battery. The reason for this is because the bull-up design means that the motor/gear box is also located in the stock. However, if you treat a mini battery right it should be no problem, my gun often outlasts my friend’s larger batteries. The mini battery is easy to get in and out of the stock and there is no space issue.

IPB Image
The battery Compartment

Hop-up IPB Image (3/5)

The hop-up on the AUG is pretty much the same as most other TM AEGS, you just pull back the cocking handle to reveal the ejection port with the hop up inside. The hop-up is easy to follow with a dial that you turn up to increase the hop up and down to decrease the hop up. The direction is clearly labeled with a "hop" then an arrow. The hop up seems to work well and it hasn’t caused any problems so far.

IPB Image
The Hop-Up system

Fore-Grip IPB Image (3/5)

There are very few guns that come with a fore-grip; the AUG is one of the lucky ones. The fore-grip has 3 different positions. Vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees. The only two I have ever used is the horizontal and vertical. For general combat the vertical grip is the best, the handle helps to control the gun and keep it steady for accurate shots. The horizontal or folded up grip is useful when lying prone or when resting the gun on an object. The reason for this is because the front handle is the one part of the gun that doesn’t feel that sturdy, even when you first use it you notice some slight movement. Putting pressure on it can easily decrease the stability of the grip. This is why I strongly recommend folding the grip up whenever you rest the gun down.

IPB Image
The fore-grip in vertical position

IPB Image
The fore-grip in horizontal position

Iron Sites IPB Image (2/5)

The Iron sites fit onto the weaver rail (more on that in a bit). They have a screw in the center that can be undone to allow the sites to be adjusted. While these sites may be ok until you can get hold of a new scope, they really are not very good. They fold up and down, this means they can easily be knocked over or moved out of align. None the less they are accurate if set up properly.

The Rail IPB Image (5/5)

The AUG civilian version comes with a rail pre installed. This rail can fit nearly any form of scope you choose. My choice was a simple red dot scope; I am however looking into getting a proper scope. This is another great feature of the AUG.

IPB Image
A view of the red dot scope and rail. If you look closely you can also see the iron sites folded down
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post Jun 22 2005, 05:31 PM
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AEG Sharpshooter

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Accuracy IPB Image (5/5)

With the longest barrel out of all TM guns it was pretty obvious this gun was going to be one of the most accurate. The length of the barrel combined with the Bull-up design helps to make this gun extremely accurate. If you play with the hop up and your sights are set up right there is no reason why you can't get this gun to hit exactly where you want it!

Range & Power IPB Image (4/5)

The effective range is about 100 feet with accurate up to around 75ft. Much the same as every other tm AEG out there. The extra barrel length helps increase the fps, but not a noticable amount.

How Does it Fire? IPB Image (4/5)

The AUG feels very nice to fire; the gun has the ability to deal with both cqb and longer ranges. However because of its size it is often hard to maneuver the gun in true cqb situations. The ability to fire both semi and full without taking your finger means the user can be effective in both long range and short range at the same time.

To try and show how the gun fires I have created a video, this video is in wmv format since that’s the only format I could use while still keeping it a reasonable size.

Click Here to View Video Once, or Right click, Save target As to save the video to your computer.

Please note some of it is in slow motion, that is not how the gun fires or sounds in real life!

Conclusion IPB Image (4/5)

Overall I would give this gun a 4/5, some people will argue with looks but if you like them, then this is the gun for you. There are so many things that eventually led me to buying this gun that I can't even mention them all. However I would say that if you are stuck thinking to your self, which gun should I get, then this is the one for you! The AUG provides the uniqueness many players require while still having the performance to back it up. Another great feature of this gun is the ability to play any role on the team you want. Anything from a bit of "AEG sharpshooting" to fighting on the front line with assault.


Long barrel, Accurate

No Fire selector Switch

Easy to insert battery

Large Mag capacity

Comes with Rail


- Small Battery
- Below Average Iron Sites

Matter of Opinion

+/- Heavy
+/- Looks

This pretty much concludes my review, please post back comments or mistakes I need to edit. I'm sorry that it took 3 posts to post everything but it wouldnt let me do it in 1 or 2.

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